How do you find duplicate rows and merge with combined values using Google Form and Sheets?

I am using Google Forms and one user entered the same job number multiple times. I want to combine the cells associated with those job numbers into a final value/summary. Does anyone have a recommendation?

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a year ago

Google Sheets does include a built-in deduplication tool. In the Data menu, click Remove Duplicates to remove duplicated items. It works great with single columns of data; can be difficult to use with larger sheets. Otherwise, the Ablebits Google Sheets add-on "Remove duplicates" can be a good advanced option if you need—and it does have merge tools available as well.

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a year ago

I have not looked at it on Google Sheets but I would know how to do it with Airtable.

There might be a simpler way in Sheets, what I would do is write a function in Google Scripts that deduplicates records.

Maybe Sheets has a deduplicate add-on. Have you searched for this?

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