How should I get Google Sheets to help manage an interactive inventory sheet?

I've tried using pivot tables from a master data list we update:

We have over 50 beer taps in 3 different locations. I originally used other pivot tables to pull data to an area I wanted the updated beer to go, but when the first pivot table changes, so does everything else. I wanted a setup kind of like this:


If a pivot table could yank data from the master list based off an overall receiving column, then if I used an index match function to sort where I want beers to go, that would be amazing. I had tap numbers 1 - 30 that I did a drop down list from the on hand list to have the beer go to which tap handle and replace the beer. If I could have the beer sort like that and then add how many kegs of the beer went to that location, then maybe once I moved kegs from original pivot table it would refresh but keep all data located in the other areas.

I want to just sort beer as it is recieved each week to the areas. 50 beers is hard to manage and to be able to do this per price point would be amazing. I wish pivot tables would stay static or something when snagging data because then it would be amazing.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this?

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I think you might need a macro in Google Sheets to do the sorting of the beer as you mentioned. Curious how the "Receiving" column will look on the master list and how you envision the workflow of sorting to work.

In terms of the Pivot Tables staying "static," is it that the filters on the PivotTables aren't enough to keep the Pivot Tables from changing?

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The QUERY() function might do what you need.

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