If you're still using Basecamp Classic, what features is the new Basecamp missing?

Our team is looking at moving our projects from Todoist to the new Basecamp, though after noticing some other teams who have continued using the original Basecamp, I was wondering if there is any reason to stick with the old version. Are there missing features in the new version, or does your team prefer the older design?

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almost 3 years ago
Recurring To-dos

Basecamp 3 has a lot more going for it than Classic, but there is a key feature missing that may prevent some teams from migrating - recurring To-dos.

Every time BC release a new feature, the comments section is full of requests for this. They released recurring events earlier this year, and everyone got excited... but no response yet.

I use Pleexy to fill this gap. It syncs my BC To-dos with personal tasks in Wunderlist (also works with Todoist). Not ideal for teams though.

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@maguay (replying to @jonstutfield )
almost 3 years ago

Oh that's interesting! Surprising they added recurring events without recurring tasks.

Pleexy looks useful; neat it can sync emails into Todoist too.

For recurring Basecamp tasks, one thing that could work would be to use an automation tool like Zapier's Basecamp integrations to create new tasks automatically on a schedule, for much the same thing as recurring tasks, but that'd be just another workaround.

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2 years ago
We switched from Basecamp to

I know this is about Basecamp, but we recently switched from Basecamp to and the whole team things it's much better.
I wrote at length about Basecamp here recently. They just haven't kept up with the times. The whole product needs a massive update. It feels outdated, underfunded, and stale compared to the UI we expect from modern tools:

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