I'm wondering if there are any pitchbook users here who can tell me the main value points for using it? Individual company data? Funding landscape data?

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a year ago

There are a few things about Pitchbook from previous Capiche discussion that might help start your search here. @singareddynm had mentioned in Capiche’s PitchBook wiki that the core pro for them was that they’d found it’s “easily the most up-to-date, best user interface, and fairly accurate” compared to competitors.

In a discussion about if Pitchbook is worth the pricing, @RileySRodgers echoed something similar saying “ Pitchbook is quite expensive but still has valuable data and reports that we use frequently,” and says that while Crunchbase is cheaper and perhaps better if you’re just starting out, that Pitchbook makes sense for larger funds doing late-stage deals. @adamdlurie also mentioned that Pitchbook’s “reports are great.”

Then, for another perspective, @jayweeldreyer in a discussion about Crunchbase vs Pitchbook said that Pitchbook’s database is impressive but “translating that robust data set into anything remotely useful for our purposes proved to be fruitless.”

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