Is anyone's company setting up interactive screens for their conference rooms — what's the best one?

Using the whiteboard and ideating on giant notepads will be a little tricky for design sprints where some of the team is in-office and part WFH. Are your companies installing interactive screens or other hardware into conference rooms to work around hybrid collaboration? Or is being on a shared Google Doc or Google Slides deck the best way keep everyone engaged and document everything?

My last job at Reputation got DTEN screen to turn one of our rooms into a Zoom room, but I'm wondering if there are better (and more affordable) options out there. TIA!

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a year ago

My suggestion:

It's software-based, so it's mobile and scalable (unlike the smart touchscreens). Built for hybrid interactions, from the ground up. Still in beta but already surprisingly effective.

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@klapicheza (replying to @capital-plan- )
a year ago

This is really intriguing! We had such headaches at my last job when the DTEN screen would act up, but if we're just using a regular whiteboard and some software, seems like things would be much more manageable. :)

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a year ago

Check out Miro. :)

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a year ago

For just digital whiteboards, I’m a fan of Figma’a new FigJam boards. Works well on any screen size, so you could show it on a TV in the office while about working remotely could still contribute.

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a year ago

of course, my answer is biased, but in our office, at Klaxoon (, we are leveraging Klaxoon Meeting Board that binds hardware and software, and when working from a remote location, I'm only using the app from my Mac. As such, I have a unique solution that brigs together the best of both world. We are truly hybrid in terms of location AND device (it also works from a Surface Hub :)) .

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