Is my SaaS idea worth building?

I’m working on a SaaS workflow platform that helps small businesses and freelancers intake, onboard, and guide their clients through business processes, step-by-step. My product is an easy way for traditional businesses to go online. For example, law firms or accountants, or real estate agents, or startup accelerators have some common tasks that they do for most clients (or leads) that work with. Beau helps to automate the processes with step-by-step forms and workflows.

Here is our website:

I did some custdev and the current version is based on talking to dozens of companies from different industries.

Some question for the community:

  • What do you think about the idea?
  • Have you seen any similar solutions?
  • What businesses would use this solution in your opinion?

We are currently working on the backend and we are quite flexible so can implement some ideas and/or rebuild some features.

Thank you!

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2 years ago

This looks like a great idea, I think the fact that you are focusing on the onboarding of clients is a good market. The closest solution I've seen might be a chat bot (like ManyChat) or further upstream workflow tools like parabola. I would focus even more on a specific solution (noticed you have quite a few listed). For instance, screening/onboarding for mortgage lenders is a really competitive field, so you probably wouldn't want to attack that niche.

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2 years ago

Definitely interesting. You should look into Clustdoc, they do something similar. +1 for your landing page's design, it's on point!

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2 years ago

Your site is beautiful—not sure I’ve seen a design like that on a SaaS site before. Feels like a more organic, sketch-style take on the 3D skeuomorphic designs that have taken over SaaS landing pages of late. Nice work!

The core idea here is great. My first thought is if you’re trying to appeal to traditional, non-tech businesses, you might de-emphasize “no-code” and instead focus on the benefit your product would bring to them.

The competition that comes to mind first for me would be patching together a similar workflow with forms, spreadsheets, and Zapier. Beyond that would be the workflow/checklist focused software like Process Street and Kissflow.

I almost wonder if you could use the idea to either build products for specific industries, with workflows designed for them, and then focus all-in on the benefits you can give them. Or otherwise, doing that with more detailed Solutions pages that you then promote to each specific industry. Templates feels like the thing that can make this idea click in users’ minds.

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2 years ago

I've been looking at things in this space recently for a different use-case (defining processes for infosec compliance as part of SOC2 / ISO27001 certification). I trialed a number of tools already mentioned like ProcessStreet and KissFlow, but also Tallyfy and MetaTask.

They all tend to come with "blue-prints" or templates for different solution areas, but being so generic they still left me fairly uninspired: the templates always feel like a bit of an after-thought to a generic tool.

I've got nothing against generic tools, but when you're shopping for a solution to a specific use-case then when the whole business feels geared towards solving your problem it gives you much more confidence to buy, so as @bigal123 and @maguay said, I suspect focusing on a specific sector will pay dividends.

You seem half-way there, but the copy on the site veers between the generic and the specific. The banner copy "No-Code Automated Customer Workflows" could be reworked. What problem is an automated customer workflow solving for me? Ideally the banner makes me think "yep - that's a problem I have".

In terms of functionality the "Work with data" feature seems a big plus - this was one element of KissFlow that appealed as it meant that you can use it out-of-the-box as a simple database without having to hook it up to other products.

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