Is Pitchbook worth the pricing?

It's around $20K/year and requires annual contracts, but it does seem wayyy better than Crunchbase etc. Do you think it's worth the premium they charge?

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7 months ago

Pitchbook is quite expensive but still has valuable data and reports that we use frequently. The reason why it's not a definite yes is that you have alternative sources (Crunchbase primarily), that you can get funding data for a variety of companies. For early-stage deals, it's rarely accurate, but for growth-stage deals the funding details - investors, valuation, timing, etc. is helpful. I would say if you're a small fund with limited management fee and focused on early stage, it's tough to justify. If you're a larger fund and you are doing later stage deals where that intel is valuable I think it's worth it.

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@adamdlurie (replying to @Riley_S_Rodgers )
7 months ago

Very much agree. Probably unnecessary for early stage investors if you're solely utilizing it for funding details bc their data for Series A and earlier is usually incomplete or inaccurate. That said, their reports are great (if they're relevant to you), and they have some powerful tools for analyzing the funding landscape as a whole.

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