Is Spark unbearably slow for you?

I'm trying out Spark and I really want to love it, but the MacOS app is unusably slow, dealing with three email accounts with about 50k messages between them. Has anyone else found this, or is it something my end? Thanks!

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2 years ago

I have 4 accounts active with 100,000+ messages and no issues regarding performance. Old Macbook circa 2012 w/ 8GB RAM but with an SSD. Maybe disk performance issue on your side?

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2 years ago

On iOS (two accounts w/ ~85k messages) it's slow for me; new message previews take an age to load in inbox, and subsequent open message views are slow to. Gmail app is much quicker in comparison.

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2 years ago

I haven't used Spark in a year or so, but before that had two email accounts synced (one with over 20k messages, the other with far less) and it worked fine. Search was a bit slow, though I think it was searching on the server, not locally?

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