Is there a "community API as a service" that anyone could recommend?

I've been looking to integrate a community into my app quickly to test if users would like the feature and if it would drive more engagement. Any recommendations for an API to power my community to help me experiment quickly?

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a year ago

The best option would likely be a community service that lets you embed the forum/discussions/chat into your website or app directly, typically in an iframe. I just went back and checked some of the most recommended tools to build communities on Capiche to see which ones would let you embed the community into your site, and it looks like both Circle and Tribe let you embed either your whole community or specific parts of it into your site. Those could be worth checking out!

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a year ago

Tribe has several case studies to highlight how a community can be integrated into apps. Here are the links:

Here are some videos:

Disclosure: I work at Tribe.

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