I need to make a form with questions, logic, and an embedded calculator—Is there a tool for this?

I'm looking for a software solution (not custom) to calculate a tailored offer when people answer a few questions and leave their data.

Something similar to this:

The questions we ask include: Country (10 options), Style (3 options), Budget (6 options), Games (10 options)

You see where we go, a lot of different combinations possible. We've tested with Typeform (logic steps) +

But something like an embedded calculator which will show the tailored offer right away would be perfect.

All ideas are welcome!

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7 months ago

Not sure if this is what you are looking for. But maybe use a GlideApp? The user fills up a form. You can then generate recommendations based on the choices made (since you are doing this on a Google Sheet). Show these recommendations on a different tab. I believe you can even redirect to that tab once the form has been filled.

Haven't fully thought this through. But I think it should work.

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7 months ago

Check out Tally forms! And I believe there are a few chatbots that perform calculations. Not sure why didn't cut it for you since they do have "real time" calculators you can embed. In general, live calculations without code are hard. Good old JavaScript is your friend.

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7 months ago

I'd wanted to build a form almost exactly like the one you shared years back, and found that JotForm was the closest tool I could find. Basically, it includes a "Fill in the blank" question type, where you could add text fields or drop-down menus directly into a sentence, much as that site does. And it includes both logic jumps to change the form based on input, and calculations to offer a final item at the end (which in your case, you'd need to figure out some value to attach to each item to give the final selection).

There were a few other apps that worked similarly in my research back in 2017, including a way to approximate something similar in Google Forms, a more customizable self-hosted option in the WordPress-powered Gravity Forms, and more. Typeform also does offer calculations if you want to go that route. And there might be other newer options now, but those should be a good spot to start your search!

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@krovara (replying to @maguay )
7 months ago

Happy to hear about these newer options!

We are aware of Jotform and Gravity Forms and that didn't help us to get what we want.

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@maguay (replying to @krovara )
7 months ago

I checked Inspect Element thinking they must be using an off-the-shelf option, but it seems to be built custom.

Other ideas that come to mind: Paperform's a newer form app that possibly could work, and I wonder if Webflow's form would be more flexible (albeit that'd likely require building your full site in Webflow).

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