Is there a tool that tracks sales reps activity (meetings, calls, emails, etc.) by integrating into Google Calendar and Gmail and allows you to pull the data into Tableau?

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2 years ago

I may be wrong but you can check out:

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2 years ago

also Seismic. these are not cheap solutions though and require enterprise level accounts for the good stuff.

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2 years ago

Interesting! I don't think so. Curious on what data you want to pull into Tableau? Calls, emails, replies, etc? Most CRM tools like Pipedrive track all of this.

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2 years ago

You could try InboxAI by ZoomInfo or or Gryphon Networks has a solution as well.

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2 years ago

Assuming that Tableau's webhooks work as described, you should be able to use PhoneBurner to solve this problem.

Check it out here:
Webhooks source:

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