Is there an alternative to Notion?

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For writing personal copy, I've always preferred native apps, specifically iA Writer and Ulysses. They're where I draft most of my work and keep personal notes and tasks.

For tools more similar to Notion, Craft is increasingly popular lately, as is Slite for more team-focused notes. And, of course, there are the wiki-style writing apps like Roam and Obsidian that are other great options, again more for personal than team writing.

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Whatever you do... don't go back to Dropbox Paper.

I've heard of Roam Research as an alternative.

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@maguay (replying to @sandbui )

What made Dropbox Paper that bad for you?

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Wydaje mi się że tak

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i think it really depends on your use case. i really like obsidian for writing and editing notes as well as building internal links between content. since it works with markdown files, it is easy to edit in other markdown apps if you don't like the obsidian system. there's a robust ecosystem growing for doing just about everything you need, including different options for tasks and calendars. there's a new system (that i haven't tried yet) that replicates the database features of notion. the tools and markdown both take a bit to learn so it isn't as easy as hitting the ground running, however the learning curve is fairly shallow.

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