Is Zoom good for webinars?

Our team has switched most of our calls to Zoom, and it works great, but we've never used it for webinars. How good are its webinar features compared to tools like GoToWebinar?

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2 years ago
Yes: Free plan good for interactive webinars, paid plan needed for view-only webinars

The same features that make a great video call app for teams can make it a great tool for webinars, too, especially if you want an interactive webinar.

Zoom shows everyone’s video, highlighting who’s currently speaking, and lets anyone share their screen or text chat in the sidebar. Call participants can raise their hands to get attention—helpful in larger team calls—or you can break a large call into smaller breakout rooms. Zoom can record the full call and save it as a video to your computer, too, so you can share . Best of all, you can get all those features free for meetings up to 40 minutes long with up to 100 participants.

So, if your webinar will have 100 participants or less, and won’t last more than around a half hour, you can run it with Zoom for free. The only problem is that anyone could turn on their video during the meeting—you can ask them to turn it off, but on a free plan can’t force them off.

Optionally, if you have a paid plan (from $14.99/month), you can add on a Webinar feature from $33.33/month for 100 participants (and up to $6490/month for 10,000 participants). That lets you turn off others video unless you want it turned on, enables live broadcasting on Facebook Live and YouTube, adds registration tools to let people sign up for your webinar in advance, and lets registered people come back and view the webinar recording later. That’s cheaper than GoToWebinar’s base package (which costs $109/month for 100 participants) and lets you use the same tool for calls and webinars.

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