Launching Cold Email Automation Platform - Accepting Beta Users

Hey Guys,
I'm launching a cold email platform to send out personalized cold email campaigns. We're calling it ChaseThatLead. We've developed 60% of the features and are now accepting beta users to use the platform in full swing and send unlimited email campaigns from unlimited email accounts.

Who benefits from a platform like this:
Someone who's into sales development and sends out cold emails to get meetings booked
Someone who sends out emails for link building
Someone who sends out emails for PR and many other use cases
Chances are, if you've used an email platform that requires you to schedule email follow-ups, you'd love ChaseThatLead for giving unlimited access to send out any amount of emails to all our beta users.

Here are the benefits of joining as a beta user:
Unlimited Free Access to send outreach campaigns until our public launch
Add and Send from Multiple Accounts (Gmail/Gsuite)
Launch unlimited campaigns without any restrictions
Access to discounted pricing once we start charging in early 2021
Access to limited lifetime deal pricing - available only to first 200 sign ups

Check out the product features roadmap and sign up for the beta account using this link:

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almost 2 years ago

Bit late to the party and it seems I've missed the beta but interested in knowing how this compares with existing cold outreach tools like mailrush or gmass. Also, is it purely for sending email or does it also include prospecting?

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2 years ago

Interesting, congrats on the beta launch @devil_danii! Would love to hear the story behind this product and what got you and your team to build it!

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@devil_danii (replying to @maguay )
2 years ago

@maguay actually the story is very inspiring as I coded the entire app (website + Webapp) from scratch even though I am not from a tech background. I cannot write my entire journey in a few words. But, yeah I'll write it some other time.

Do, signup for the beta :p

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@maguay (replying to @devil_danii )
2 years ago

That’s awesome to hear!

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