Let's help get an answer for the Capiche Godfather: What project management app should he use?

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almost 2 years ago

Here there be dragons 🐉

There are so many project management apps that at Zapier we tested likely around a hundred and ended up putting 50 apps in a roundup of "best" project management apps. In reality, one that's best for one team may not be best for another.

My former writing team started out managing work in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, moved that to Trello, then switched to Airtable for a more detailed kanban board when we outgrew Trello's core features.

Then, when founding Capiche, we started out with Notion ... and it's worked well for managing notes and projects on kanban boards at the same time, but it also has gotten unwieldily to organize and find stuff and can be slow. So now we're considering ... Asana?

Here are some older Capiche discussions about project management apps ... which, I'm sure everyone's recommendations will change over time, but they're still great reference spots to see what other teams picked:

  • To-Do list app discussions including this one for 2021 always get a ton of recommendations: @dharmesh's classic tip to use email as a to-do list, along with plenty of recommendations for Todoist, Trello, Things, OmniFocus, Notion, ToodleDo, and more.
  • An early discussion of best project management tools saw, LiquidPlanner, and awork recommended—the latter two especially were more unique recommendations for that discussion.
  • This one on project management workflows saw @iCanAutomate's classic Capiche comment "Notion is overrated as hell. ClickUp is underrated as hell." along with several other people's recommendations for ClickUp, and others mentioning Basecamp and Notion's advantages.
  • This one on personal project management apps saw Asana recommended heavily—along with suggestions for using Roam Research and other notes tools to manage tasks (lately, I've been writing my personal tasks in Tot, this tiny plain-text notebook app that works pretty good as a scratch pad)
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almost 2 years ago

Trello for project management
Jira for dev management
Delibr for product management (and link it to Jira)
Braintoss for my own personal tasks

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almost 2 years ago

Trello is the best program for working with a team on a project. I use it everyday. For my own planning, I like using Pagico for organizing my project bugs and updating paths. I love Scapple for mind-mapping.

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almost 2 years ago

My longtime faves have always been Asana and Trello. Asana if you have a bigger team and are doing a lot of collaboration. Trello if you want something light and easy. I'm sure folks have many opinions on this front though!

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