LinkedIn Feature Request: Include message text in email body

LinkedIn used to include the text from direct messages in the email notifications they send. Then along the way some doofus product manager told them they'd get better engagement if they got rid of it. :(

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almost 3 years ago

I totally agree, it was so much better when they included the text of the message in the email.

But I have a feeling they A/B tested this significantly, and found that once they brought you back to the site/app, you wasted a bunch of time surfing the feed (aka better engagement, as you rightly said).

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@AndyBauch (replying to @forouzani )
almost 3 years ago

Totally! Of course I just realized that Capiche has the same antipattern lol. "Someone replied to your feature request. See @forouzani's reply."

Not going to open that feature request to fix it on Capiche because I don't want to get kicked off this site yet. :)

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@forouzani (replying to @AndyBauch )
almost 3 years ago

But that's not how it works here. We may not always agree, but we ALWAYS consider (and appreciate) candid feedback :)

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