Managing Marketing Promotions

What tools have you found useful to manage marketing promotions? Airtable?
Something that tracks both the creative process (images and/or copy) and is easy to export data.

We've been using Basecamp as it works well for the creative process. However, it's difficult to export the data for analysis and to see which campaigns were better.

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2 years ago

Something like Later?

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@maguay (replying to @chrismessina )
2 years ago

Oh neat, it lets you schedule Instagram Stories, too!

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2 years ago

I think this is good for social campaigns. I was thinking more along the marketing/operations route. Our company sells a physical product so the promotional campaign details matter for marketing (overall sales, best creative) and for operations (shipping, inventory on hand by location etc).
Having the creative and being able to tie it to performance in one place would be ideal.

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2 years ago

I love how Intercom manages their promotions. They actually created a template of the doc/workflow they use:

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2 years ago

I'd use Figma and Notion for this today.

Essentially, I'd build the style guides, creative assets, and more in Figma. Then I'd write up copy, brand voice and tone, research, and plans in Notion, using a Notion kanban board to track the actual promotions and data around them.

That wouldn't help much with reporting—though once Notion has an API, you could likely automate it as much as you could with Airtable.

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