Mixpanel vs. Amplitude

When building a product Behavorial Analytics are a key factor to success.
I have personally only used Mixpanel. In the last 2 quarters they launched a lot of great upgrade to the product.

But I feel like Amplitude is getting a lot of great feedbacks.

I believe their are 3 mains factors to evaluate this kind of tool :
1 - Ease or implementation (Can be tricky at some point for MP mainly on identity management)
2 - Ease to set up dashboard (very easy on MP)
3 - The depth of the analysis (many recent great updates on that)

What do you think ? Which one do you prefer and why ?

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a year ago

When I compared the two a few years ago, Amplitude blew Mixpanel out of the water. Faster / more powerful / better UX. One of my favorite tools.

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a year ago

I started out using MixPanel in the olden days then switched to Amplitude because the integration was simpler, the dashboard tools were much faster, and seemingly more flexible.

Recently I've heard rumblings that MixPanel is much improved, so I'll definitely be trying it out again some time soon.

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a year ago

Has anyone used either of their raw data pipeline features? For in-depth analyses and combining with other data sets, that's a critical need.

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a year ago

We are long time Mixpanel users at SoFriendly and Yac. We've implemented it a ton for clients and it's what we use for metrics on Yac now. I've found it a bit "lacking" in certain simple metrics like seeing active users but the ability to customize what we want to track very easily and overlay all that data is so much easier than stuff like Google Analytics.

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