New Figma features announced at Config EU

Dylan Field’s keynote talks about some game changing features coming to Figma now and the next few months. Instance swap fix (available now), Variants, Interactive components. See the video:

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2 years ago

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

The new instance menu can also be navigated by keyboard, to find the options you need even faster:

And, Figma now should use a fraction of the Ram it formerly used, which should make it much faster on resource-constrained devices:

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2 years ago

Figma solved the instance swap menu problem that Sketch also suffers from, and variants finally give us a way to handle states of our components. And the spaghetti-like mess created during prototyping large projects is fixed with Interactive components. Cheers.

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@benkopf (replying to @benkopf )
2 years ago

And I didn't mention the improvements to autolayout and a new developer inspect tab. Please have a look at the video for details.

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