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We're looking to move from our janky Notion tracker to a real recruiting / applicant tracking system like Lever or Greenhouse.
They're both a bit costly for us as a very early-stage company, although Lever seems to be getting very aggressive with pricing (knocked 40% off of list for their basic tier), while Greenhouse is holding firm at $5k/yr+.
Wondering if anyone has strong views on whether one or the other is better, and/or whether there are smaller / "upstart" companies we should be looking at.

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2 years ago

I might be biased, as I'm working at, but our HR CRM platform is completely free (until successful hire) so it will save you the high cost, as you requested.

From pricing research I've done, here are the numbers I've seen for some other HR platforms:
Lever: $3000/year.
Greenhouse: $5,999/year .
Workable: $99 per job.
RecruiterFlow: $129/month.

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2 years ago

I used to use Lever when they charged us $6k per year. Whether we had money in the bank or not, that price tag didn't justify the value. I would stress that, as a relatively small company of 65, we put simple systems in place in order to alleviate the need of an ATS. Of course, that won't hold up forever. Another consideration is that I've found that most of the new-age ATS' are identical in functionality, while the two differentiators are price and integrations. Hope that helps, and happy to discuss further.

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2 years ago

Workable is quite nice and integrates with other tools (your calendar, email...). On grandfathered plan, so I don't know about prices.

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2 years ago

I've not used both of these(Greenhouse and Lever) tools but have been in product demos when evaluating them for recruitment purposes. One thing that was very striking was the strong ecosystem that Greenhouse has built:

Thought Greenhouse is expensive compared to Lever the sheer number of products that Greenhouse integrates with makes it very powerful. It might be a safer purchase considering the future purchases that your team might make.

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2 years ago

Check out Betterleap: We built a lightweight ATS that helps startups source. Happy to tell you more!

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almost 2 years ago

We switched to "Vincere" a few months ago.
They are similar to Lever and Greenhouse. I'm not quite sure how their pricing is so i would have to ask someone, but I'll update as soon as possible.
Personally Vincere doesn't seem to be that much better or worse from the other ones except for pricing.
About the Integration and migration process...
We struggle quite a bit with Vincere atm because of a couple of reasons:

  1. New software
    We started using the software a few months ago after switching from an internal solution. The migration process seems to come with its own set of problems but I'll get to that.
    If you want to switch make sure everyone is familiar with its workings. I found it very easy to pick up and use but this is obviously different from person to person.
    The best way to avoid confusion is to go to the courses that Vincere provides. (They are only in English) After that let everyone try out their workflows and collect their thoughts on what can be improved, etc..

  2. Standardization
    Before letting anyone do real work on it sit together and organize everyones workflow.(not doing this will bite you in the ass later as we had to experience)
    The best way for the "organization phase" I found is the Design Thinking approach.
    After that have one way of doing things, improve on it if you find a better solution and write down the step for future employees.

  3. Data and new input
    The migration process seems to work but its success is very much dependable on the data you upload... Often there are problems with adding new candidates because the system can't find information in the CVs. This gets especially annoying if you have a lot of input or bad datasets.
    Right now you can automatically upload Cvs and other information and the system picks out the information from the document. This still needs a lot of improvement to be reliable enough.

  4. Export + Automatization
    The export feature is not great right now, but they said they will update it in the future.
    Lastly, if you want to automate all processes like sending Emails to clients, candidates this is possible right now. Again, personally I wouldn't recommend it though if your information in the database isn't 100% accurate.
    Some automatization processes aren't working right now and will likelky take a long time to be integrated by the Vincere team. For example a way to automatically update the workplace and other information of a candidate via LinkedIn or CV without human supervision.

It will very likely be a lot better than the system you are using right now and cheaper than Greenhouse or Lever. As long as you don't want to use it for full automation of your work process it'll likely be enough.

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