Anyone else having issues with RingCentral support?

I am struggling with RingCentral support. They have had some major issues open and drag for months on end, without any communication. I have contacted them through several means (the cases opened, their community, and even our account rep).

The last time I asked my account rep (who is the only one that will respond) for a status, they stated that the issues are out of their scope and I have no control over the timeline. That was the updated I received.

Has anyone had experiences with RingCentral, and been able to influencing them delivering quality support. With COVID and the remote workforce, the cracks in their support and development teams have become more clear as a customer.

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2 years ago

We've had the exact same issues. The account reps, if you push them, can sometimes seem to get stuff done, but their direct support is terrible. We're also on a "managed account" so can't even make small changes on our own. We're switching to Zendesk Voice (using Zendesk Sell already) or Aircall in the next 60 days.

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2 years ago

Unfortunately, our experience with RingCentral support has been abysmal from the start. We've been looking to switch providers for a long-time as well and are hoping to move to one of the VOIP services that integrates natively within Hubspot (I recently touched on those here -

I trialed Aircall and it seemed great - the major downside was the lack of SMS capability (they partner with on that front).

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2 years ago

We've also had issues. The service especially via the app is a bit flaky. Unfortunately support doesn't seem that responsive or eager to resolve the issues we have.

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2 years ago

I don't think in the year we have had RingCentral we have ever been able to get through to support. After onboarding they pretty much cut off communication. Most often if it was a bug/error we hit it would be fixed with out any update or communication.

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2 years ago

Same here... thinking of switching

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