Roam & Notion, what goes where?

Hey All,
So these days I'm struggling with few dilemmas regarding my workflow and thought it can either benefit the power of this community and help me figure things out on the way :).

Context of existing workflow
So my daily notes are structured as follows:

  • Inbox - Everything that comes to mind, to be processed later. this includes a Tag that every page that needs post-processing has. helps me keep track of what is raw.

  • Interactions - Every interaction I have. Mostly meetings and Calls with summarization and action items

  • Action Items - In addition to the Action Items section under meetings and calls, these are generic Action Items I need to do

  • Events - Things that happen today, which I don't want to forget, or just want to document as a reference for the future. can be anything with interest like signing a new contract or achieving a personal goal

  • Enhancement - This is not frequently used, but the purpose was to highlight things I did for self-improvement such as Readwise syncs, watching a video, reading some more of a book, learned a few chapters of an online course, etc.

The Data I mostly consume (Mostly goes through Readwise):
- Books (Kindle)

- Articles (Instapaper)

- Podcasts (Instapaper using Online Transcripts)

- Videos (Manual summarization)

- Creating static checklists for future reference

- For the sake of additional context, this is how a meeting summary looks like


Where I'm stuck
Today literally everything is here is documented properly in Roam, including the people and contacts that attend the meetings, the linked blocks in a meeting note and reference from books, etc. Doing what Roam does, basically.

However, as amazing as Roam is - I feel that although it can be a one-size-fits-all, it doesn't really do it well. Things like Checklists, Tasks management and time management, Code snippets, and traditional categorial note-taking (only when it makes sense, of course, I am not an animal).

I can't figure out how to split my content between Roam and let's say Notion (or any other tool that can do the rest well). Assuming I'll go with Notion, I can't figure out things like what should be in Roam and what should be in Notion?

  • Where should my Inbox be? The first point of contact in the workflow

  • Where should I document meeting notes and calls? Will I regret in the long term not having the full documentation of meetings in Roam? Will Notion makes it easier to follow the past (In meetings context, not necessarily research context)

  • Checklists make sense to go in a database like Notion

  • Books? Articles? Podcasts? Probably Roam - that's the actual data linking Roam excels at.

Bottom line, It really feels like I need another system for the technical part rather than the creative semi-structured one, but I can't seem to foresee what will make sense without months of trial and error.

Sorry for the long post, appreciate any feedback.

Thanks in advance!

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2 months ago

Hi @eliranbz,

Hopefully I might be able to help you figure things out a little better. The problem with note-taking is that (as you have discovered) there is no one-size-fits-all app, and a combination is often best. Personally, one of the hardest things I found to get right is a quick inbox, where do you brain dump, as in traditional long-form applications your thoughts can get muddled and lost – especially if there's lots of different types of short and quick notes. I didn't find Notion suitable for this at the time, and ended up building my own system (Supernotes) which is based around short-form markdown note-cards. Once everything is in Supernotes it's really easy to tag, nest and link cards together; and then filter them for when I want to write a long-from article, or even embed / link to them from within a Notion database.

Supernotes may work for you, and it may not. But would love to hear what you think, and it might help to inspire and find a different approach to your existing workflow. Either way I'd would really appreciate hearing your thoughts. Some of our users use Supernotes alongside Notion & Roam – you might find this particular user story helpful.

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a month ago

First, let me say I have never used Roam. It has never been a tool that looks like a solution for my daily needs.

I document all of my meetings in Notion. I have created a variety of templates like internal meeting, client meeting, team meeting, 1-1 meeting.
This speeds up the process of note taking and maintains consistency.

I use the table view so that I can add properties like meeting type, attendees, goal, and then you can filter by any of those in the future (follow the past). For example, internal meetings with Matt with a goal of strategy.

Within those templates, I have a filtered database of tasks relevant to each of those templates so when I have a new task related to any meeting type, or attendee, they are automatically included in every note.

For a quick brain dump, you can use the new to quickly add a note via a browser.

I use the Notion chrome extension for articles or anything I want to read later. While it's not as good as something like Instapaper/Pocket, it does consolidate things into one tool.

You can create a database of books you've read, along with important notes from those books and another list of what you want to read. same with podcasts

My "inbox" is within a "life wiki" page I have built out. you could use something like this for inspiration and you can mention and link to any page (but not section) within Notion.

Hope this helps in some way.

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