How to self-host Confluence with a custom domain


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almost 2 years ago

Interesting @canburaks, thanks for sharing your guide! Is there anything particularly challenging about self-hosting Confluence versus other web apps like WordPress? And what for you is the core benefit of self-hosting Confluence, when its pricing seems similar for their hosted version and the self-hosted edition, albeit the latter has the additional cost of running a server?

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@canburaks (replying to @maguay )
almost 2 years ago

Hi, actually the price is a bit high considering the self-hosting case.
The most important benefit is that you can use your custom domain. You could not do that in Atlassian Cloud. Moreover, You'll have a great content editor which is one of the most skilled content editor in the universe.

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@maguay (replying to @canburaks )
almost 2 years ago

Fascinating, yeah, based on the pricing it seemed to me that self-hosting Atlassian products including Confluence only really made sense if you absolutely needed to keep the data on your own server.

Do you get a different content editor if you self-host Confluence?

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