Slack will soon let you DM with anyone—and is the newest app to add Stories.

After launching Slack Connect earlier this year to invite other teams into a shared Slack channel, Slack has now announced that in 2021, Slack Connect will expand to DMs. With Slack Connect DMs, you’ll get a new “Start a Slack Connect DM” button in the top of your DM list. That’ll let you directly invite someone to chat with you—or let you copy an invite link to share with others so they can send you a DM, much like how Google Docs lets you share a document today. Once someone accepts your DM invite, they can chat with you from their team’s Slack account—and you’ll see their messages in your team’s Slack account, as though each other were chatting inside the same team.

Perhaps that’s the first step towards a global Slack where you could chat with anyone, anywhere—or so one could hope.

Or maybe Slack will eventually turn into a new social network. Slack also announced new “experiments” they’re adding to Slack, including Discord style push-to-talk audio chat and Snapchat style video stories. Stories have in short order become the new feature that every product has—and at least in Slack, there are some use cases (such as daily asynchronous standup meetings) where stories could actually be a good fit.

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