How do you create a split inbox in Superhuman?

I have several gmail accounts. Superhuman onboarding created a split inbox for me with a calendar ICS and I forgot how to do it. Can anyone provide the steps to do this, please?

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almost 2 years ago

The easiest way to make a split inbox in Superhuman is to press / then search for anything: A sender, a tag, a keyword, or anything else. Then press CMD+K, and type split and press Enter, and Superhuman will turn that search into a split.

You can then add to that split later on. For example, I started a "News" split by searching for one of my favorite newsletters and making a split. Then, whenever another newsletter would show up, I'd press CMD+K and add it to the split, and then future editions of that newsletter would show up in that split. Or, I've made a Capiche split by searching for to pull emails from everyone at Capiche together into one split.

And then, once you've started making split inboxes, here's some inspiration of how other Capiche members are using split inboxes to manage company functions, meetings, news, and more.

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almost 2 years ago
  1. Hit / to start a search.
  2. Enter this search query: filename:ics
  3. Hit Cmd+K → "Split Inbox".
  4. Enter a name for the split 🎉
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almost 2 years ago

I would say to ask the folks at Superhuman. When I have had questions they have gotten back to me quickly and efficiently.

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almost 2 years ago
  1. Perform a search that matches the type of split you're creating. I'll use "volleyball" as my example because I get a lot of emails about volleyball. (keyboard shortcut "/volleyball")

  2. From the search results, type: Command + H (I'm on a Mac. I'm assuming it's Ctrl +H on a PC) to bring up the command popup.

  3. Type "split" and you will see an option to "Split Inbox: volleyball" or "Add to News split:". This would either create a split inbox on your search term or you could add the currently selected email sender to the news split. There are other split options in the command popup and those should all pretty much speak for themselves.

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