The Capiche guide.

Hey, welcome to Capiche!

We’re a community who love software and together are building one of the best places to discover new tools and ways to use them. And we’re glad you’re here.

You’ve got a few questions, we’ve got a few answers. Here’s what you need to get the most out of Capiche.

What is Capiche?

Capiche is a secret society for SaaS power users.

It’s the best place to learn about software on the internet.

We believe the best details about software come from those who really use it. That everyone is an expert about the software they use daily. And that the best way to cut through marketing noise and learn how things really work and what they really cost is to share what we’ve learned. That together, we can build the best place to learn anything about software.

Here are the core things you’ll find on Capiche:

  • Product pages that detail everything you need to know about hundreds of the most popular software.
  • Pricing stories on product pages that share what real teams pay for software—and how they negotiated discounts.
  • The Capiche Community with discussions about software, where you can ask for tips and recommendations and join in conversations about the software you use.
  • Capiche AMAs with question-and-answers with tech leaders where they share insights into their business and products.
  • Capiche Essays with researched, detailed articles about software, pricing, and more.

Capiche values.

Capiche is a different kind of community. One where we learn about software together, share ideas and reciprocate, and leave ego behind. A place where we might mention our own ideas or products because we're excited about them, but are just as quick to share others' cool projects and posts and credit them.

Here are a few values that bring us together:


Respect others, be kind, give the benefit of the doubt, and criticize ideas not people.

Don't attack, harass, name-call, or be snarky.


Be helpful, insightful, and consistent. Stay on topic. Communicate clearly. Strive for accuracy.

Don't spam, or go off topic.


Be honest, direct, and candid. Be bias aware, and disclose conflict of interests.

Don't be a shill. Don't plagiarize.

Pride and Ownership

Participate, share, reciprocate. Improve the community for everyone.

Don't try to sneak in mentions of your work. Own your stuff.


Be intellectually curious. Have strong opinions, but hold them loosely. Try new things.

Don't assume you already know best.

Capiche rules.

With the values in mind, here are a few things that we enforce across the site:

No spam.

We welcome sharing your own projects and things from the company you work for—but own it, and don’t talk solely about your products. Whenever you mention something you’ve built or work for, disclose your interest, and link to it at most once per post. Link only the first mention of something to keep posts easy to read.

Genuine posts on Capiche should ask questions or share new things you've discovered. If someone starts a discussion where your product would be relevant, you can share it in an answer—but mention your relation to the product, include no more than one link, and don't oversell it or push it more than would be reasonable in a in-person friendly conversation.

Posts that mention things you’ve created without stating so may be removed. Posts that directly try to sell products from yourself or others will be removed, as will affiliate links and referral codes. Post that include links to a domain where the text and the domain do not match will be removed (for example, a link like the following would be removed: search on []( Additionally, posts that include more than a couple links may be removed, unless they’re longform posts where the links support detailed quotes and product mentions.

No rip offs.

We love it when you share things you discover and learn from others—but credit it, share who said the things you quote, and link to the original source.

Posts that copy text from elsewhere without attribution may be removed.

No attacks.

We hope you’re opinionated and share your strong feelings about software—but do so in a nice way. Don’t attack products without a reason, and absolutely do not attack people. Critique ideas and implementation, not people who use or make the products. And especially don’t attack competitors of your product.

There’s no question too basic for Capiche. We all have to start somewhere. Be welcoming and friendly, and we’ll all learn together.

Posts that attack, harass, or keep Capiche from being a welcoming environment may be removed.

How do I join Capiche?

Head to and enter your email address. Confirm it. Then sign in with your Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter account—that’s how you’ll log into Capiche in the future.

Finally add your name, username, and avatar photo to complete your account.

Capiche will then take you through a quick tour, where you can follow a few products and join in your first Capiche discussion. Pick a discussion that you know something about and add a detailed reply.

Our team will then review your post, let you know if anything needs changed, and then will approve your application.

And then, whenever you come to, you can join in the latest software discussions or start your own.

How do I start a new Capiche discussion?

Add new Capiche post

At the top of the Capiche feed, you can kick off a new software discussion, ask a question, or share an interesting link or Tweet you came across. Click What do you have to say? and add a one-sentence question or post title, then click Add description to add more details if you want. If you’re sharing a product or blog post, you can also add the link to include a preview of the item in your Capiche post.

Your new post will appear at the top of the Capiche feed. Click it to see replies and comments, or to copy the link and share it on Twitter and elsewhere to kickstart the conversation.

Or, for a simpler option, go to to start a new discussion anytime.

Capiche will notify you whenever people reply to your posts so you can see what they say and keep the conversation going.

How do I delete a post on Capiche?

Delete Capiche post

Hit Post. too fast and need to change something? Click the Delete link on the top right of your post preview to remove that post, then add what you want to say again. There’s no way to edit your posts just yet—but if you posted a reply or comment and would like us to tweak it for you, email our team from the address below and we’ll edit your post for you.

How do I join in Capiche conversations?

Here’s the easiest thing to do on Capiche: Replying to others’ post and adding your thoughts in comments. Open Capiche’s feed or check our weekly emails for top discussions that you find interesting. Click Add your thoughts. to reply to a discussion, with longform text formatted with Markdown. You can drag-and-drop in images to add them to your post, or can paste a Twitter or YouTube link to embed them in your post.

Check out The Capiche Markdown Guide for a full guide to Markdown formatting.

If others have already added their thoughts and you’ve got more to add, click Reply under any post to add your comments.

Just as with new discussions, whenever someone replies to your answer or comment, Capiche will notify you so you can jump back into the conversation.

See a post you like? Upvote it to push it to the top of the conversation and let the author know you enjoyed it. See something that shouldn’t be on Capiche? Email our team at the address below, and we’ll sort it out.

How can I edit my Capiche profile?

Edit Capiche profile

Open Capiche, click My profile in the top right corner, then click the Edit Profile button. There you can change your name, bio, job details, avatar, and website. You can also remove products and categories if you no longer want to follow them.

How can I get Capiche badges?

Here there be hidden secrets and perhaps dragons. If you start discussions, share pricing, use hidden Capiche features, and more … you might get a badge. Sometimes when you accomplish a task on Capiche, you’ll unlock a badge that’ll live on your profile forever.

There are also points on Capiche that you earn every time someone likes something you say and upvotes it. Over time, those unlock new badges and make your avatar stand out.

Check out others’ profiles to see some of their badges and avatar collections, and stay active. Soon enough, you too will have a fancy Capiche profile with everything you’ve contributed.

And we’re only getting started.

Capiche? If not, email us—we’d love to help you out.

See you on Capiche!

RocknRoll's avatar
2 years ago

I'm stoked to jump aboard Capiche and learn more about which system best caters to the SaaS community! I listened to Austin Petersmith on the fabulous ARK Podcast and I'm sold. BlessU for providing an awesome and informative forum…(>‿◠)✌

3 points
maguay's avatar
@maguay (replying to @RocknRoll )
2 years ago

@RocknRoll excited to have you here, thanks for joining! Would love to have you introduce yourself in our Meet the Community discussion!

1 point
RiskSlayer's avatar
@RiskSlayer (replying to @RocknRoll )
2 years ago

I also just finished the ARK Podcast and immediately hopped over here to sign up.

The truth about industry analysts being pay-to-play is absolutely true & Google review site spam is rampant. I am interested in contributing where I van, and like the requirement to contribute.


1 point
emre's avatar
2 years ago

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a follow button for the topics we want to follow? and thanks for your explanatory post.

2 points
maguay's avatar
@maguay (replying to @emre )
2 years ago


You can follow products from the Capiche landing page. Go to while logged in, scroll down a bit, and in the left sidebar you'll see a list of suggested products to follow. You can click a product to follow it, or click Find more products to search through our database and find new stuff to follow.

If you can't find a product you'd like to follow, add it to the Capiche product request form and we'll try to get it added soon.

We do need to add follow buttons to each product page, though—will followup when we've got that!

1 point
emre's avatar
@emre (replying to @maguay )
2 years ago

Hi @maguay

Not the product I'm talking about. for example, just following this post. if writen new comments. can i take notification.

1 point
maguay's avatar
@maguay (replying to @emre )
2 years ago

Gottcha: You can't follow individual posts in Capiche right now, but that is something we hope to add in the near future. Though if you reply to a post or comment, and someone replies to you, then you will get an email notification about that comment.

1 point
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