The save button's dead. What other legacy tech workflows need reinvented?

Google Docs killed the save button, and got us sharing document links instead of emailing files.

Zoom let you invite people to a call with a link, and made adding friends before you could call them seem archaic.

Calendly killed emailing iCal files, turned meeting scheduling into a simpler workflow.

Hey may kill Inbox Zero by removing the Archive button.

What's the next lingering idea in tech that should be killed and rethought?

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2 years ago

along the same lines, the UX trend that has been simmering on the back burner is terminal-first action. i mean the quick switcher/search in apps like slack, superhuman, notion and even capiche itself.

buttons are necessary but i am feeling faster and more efficient when i use alfred to navigate my mac and quick switcher in the apps. always surprise when people use the GUI when there's a "cmd + k/p/f" available in the app.

unrealistic but i hope this kills GUIs in a way that they user has the option to only use the keyboard for usage.

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@maguay (replying to @optemization )
2 years ago

@optemization Great point—had an essay a bit back about the growth of command palettes and how they're to a degree reinventing terminals for non-developers. Those paired with keyboard shortcuts and perhaps keyboard shortcut hints like what Superhuman offers can over time make you much more productive in your core work.

It'll be a while before buttons are truly gone, but writing apps like iA Writer, code editors like Sublime Text, and Superhuman for email are already almost there!

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