WeWork: Cancelling Leases (COVID-19)

Has anyone experienced any success cancelling their WeWork lease in locations affected by coronavirus (i.e. states and municipalities on lockdown)? If so, how did you go about it? WeWork is obviously deemed "non-essential." It's reprehensible that a failing company would squeeze startups before it inevitably files for bankruptcy.

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2 years ago

I haven't had any luck canceling or deferring payments. I live in Las Vegas and all non-essential businesses are shut down. WeWork sent an email saying, "Because essential businesses work out of our locations, we will still be staying open to all...," which I took as a sneaky way to say that they'll keep charging rent.

It's not the end of the world, I just didn't think it was a cool business move. My lease is up in Jun 2020 though, so I'll just not renew. I love the space and team, but this was a move that makes me not want to use them anymore.

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2 years ago

I've been posting on Twitter using #CancelWeWork and tagging my state's governor and his office. My colleague did the same and Forbes actually reached out to him for an interview. I think the media is picking up on this unfortunate behavior.

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2 years ago

We have two offices in the same WeWork space in NYC and are looking to give up one immediately (currently all working from home so using neither). Not sure how successful we will be at getting them to agree. Stay tuned.

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2 years ago

Were you able to get anything worked out with WeWork to cancel your lease?

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2 years ago

WeWork isn't doing anything that most other commercial landlords aren't. If you're in a lease, you're in a lease, and they think "Well, who cares if you go under, there will be someone else who needs an office in time, so, screw off." Brutal, but I've yet to see anyone else be more compassionate (on the commercial side.) If you're out of a lease, they're letting folks go with minimal fuss, and it also depends on your overall footprint with them; if you've got multiple spaces, they're willing to be more flexible. If you're in a desk or just small space, maybe not. As always, YMMV based on your rep. Good luck.

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