What A/B testing tool do you use? Are you happy with the value it provides for the price?

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a month ago

I’m currently using Google Optimize. As it’s free and tightly integrates with Google Analytics it’s a great solution, but it helps to be a bit technical if you want to do more than just basic copy or formatting changes.

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Good Segment alternatives (It's too expensive for B2C)

We're currently looking at a few alternatives - roll your own - - any experience with the above tools, other tools?

How do you manage your chat inbox?

Hey guys, first post here. As part of my work, I have to deal with and respond to a lot of incoming messages from different chats: Linkedin/WhatsApp/Signal/IG. I try to use Unreads/Archive features...

Whats the best blogging platform that also provides comments

I'm looking for a blogging platform for my product. However I also want it to be a light weight support page. For this I want to make it easy for people to comment on articles and even have thread...

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