What APM do you recommend?

I have used NewRelic and AppSignal. NewRelic is quite good but expensive, especially as the number of servers grow.
Curious to know what others are using and recommend?

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3 years ago

We'll also have to look into this soon. Heard good things about Datadog too.

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@forouzani (replying to @brnt )
3 years ago

Thanks for the tip - I looked into Datadog but it seems their main focus is logs, even though they do have an APM.

One other thing I noticed is that Newrelic has a really nice integration with ruby - they have a gem which is really easy to install.

Datadog has an agent which is installed as an executable (their ruby gem is just a client that relies on the agent as the server). So datadog requires quite a bit more devops work when using a stack like ElasticBeanstalk.

In the end, I went with Newrelic... for now 🙂

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