What are folks using for time tracking and resource management?

We're currently using Harvest, along with their Forecast product for resource management for about 175 users. Forecast is good enough – easy to use and manage. But while Harvest is easy to use for users it lacks some basic features that we need:
(1) ability to close a timesheet at the end of the month (we have to wait until the next week) and,
(2) an escalation mechanism for when users are naughty.

We then use the API to extract the data into a data lake for reporting purposes, which is key.

Would appreciate hearing about your experiences and recommendations.

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2 years ago

For freelance work where I’m only tracking my own time I use Tyme. They recently changed from one time purchase to a subscription model in newer versions, so I’ll stick with the old version as long as possible, as I’m currently working too few freelance project to justify the expense.

At my current day job we have Tempo inside Jira and I despise both. To the extent that I keep Timings App running I’m the background to later reconstruct my weekly timesheets.

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2 years ago

For time tracking I'm using - I like it's simplicity and it has all the features I need

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2 years ago

I'm using Clockify.

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2 years ago

Rescue Time for the last 10 years

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2 years ago

I love Quantime - - their AI engine tracks your weekly tasks, learns how long it takes to perform each task, and then plans the most effective and productive schedule for you our your team. It's especially great for scheduling and collaborating on tasks across remote teams, useful for today's virtual environment.

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