What are people's favorite remote podcast recording tools?

We've been using Zoom but could use something more advanced. Seems like Descript is a top contender?

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almost 2 years ago

I'd looked into this a bit recently, as we pivoted from Capiche FM's live recording to Racket's shorter audio focus. The best options I found include:

  • Descript, as you mentioned, is generally amazing for everything audio—I've used it to edit um's and ah's out of podcasts, to edit audio and add in missing words, and to create transcripts. Their remote recording tool should be a good fit, especially if you want something to edit podcasts once you're done recording.
  • Spotify's Soundtrap has a mode to record jointly with others, and it would simplify publication as well if you'd like to distribute your podcast through Spotify.
  • is built specifically to record podcast interviews—and it can record both audio and video.
  • SquadCast records a separate audio track per participant in a group call to remix and edit as you want.
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almost 2 years ago

We switched from Zoom to Riverside about 9 months ago and never looked back. Records video and audio locally on the user's machine at full quality and uploads. Has been reliable, support is great, and they're growing the product. Hands-down one of our favorite software finds of 2020.

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