What are some formative books that helped you better understand the world or specific disciplines like finance, economics, tech, etc.? Favorite news outlets to stay current in various areas?

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3 years ago

I should write a /books/ page on my site sometime. Thanks for the suggestion.

I would not write a /news/ page on my website. I am broadly very bearish on traditional journalism; the percent of value in the field of journalism and commentary created by Matt Levine specifically is far, far higher than it should be. I'd rather follow experts who know about X/Y/Z (and Matt Levine is plausibly than more than a commentator/journalist). Happily for me, the Internet makes that relatively straightforward. Unhappily for journalism, the Internet gives users much better options for in-depth explanation of e.g. Japanese trade policy than "Here's what a 24 year old who doesn't speak Japanese and has studied this topic for 2 weeks thinks as a result of consulting 4 people in their rolodex."

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3 years ago

I would love to look through your recommend books list if you do publish that!

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@sinnet3000 (replying to @patio11 )
3 years ago

I also would love book recommendations.

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