What are the best / most affordable tools for building and managing marketing landing pages?

Suggestions so far: Unbounce, Carrd, and Webflow

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2 years ago

I really like Webflow, though for most landing page/marketing page projects it's probably overkill in terms of functionality, complexity, and price.

If you're looking to manage lots of landing pages simultaneously, and testing/duplicating across them, I think a tool like Unbounce is probably what you're looking for. Haven't used it, but if anyone has I'd love to hear their thoughts.

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2 years ago

I've used leadpages for several years, but I used them for their simplicity in design. The new setup (which has drag and drop and great design) has forced us to change our integrations, arguably for the better, but it did create some work for us.

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2 years ago

The first that comes to mind for me nowadays is Carrd which is simple to use, most features are free, and paid plans only cost $9/yr which is an incredibly good deal. Though it perhaps doesn’t have enough features for more detailed marketing pages.

Are there any features in particular you need?

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2 years ago

I have used LeadPages and Instapage. In terms of simplicity and value, I always end up going back to LeadPages for landing pages - they have lots of different integrations and good templates to get you up and running.

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2 years ago is my favorite so far. Cloud version is free & even extra charges are affordable.

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