What are the best no-code development tools?

When you need to build a new tool for your work or just want to test an idea, what software do you use to pull it together?

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3 years ago

I really liked webflow for landing pages, over Wordpress/Wix, in terms of functionality out of the box that was easier to convert later to fully working websites because it already let you control things at the class & id level, was designed with responsive UI in mind. But to be fair I haven't checked out Wordpress or Wix in a while.

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@Livenadav (replying to @nimrodpriell )
almost 3 years ago

Wix isnt so good... Unlike SquareSpace, when you build a site you need to do the mobile version all over again! On SQSP is mobile responsive so you dont need to do a thing - everything is mobile friendly there :-)

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3 years ago

There's a few I couldn't live without but zapier lives in everything we do to connect everything together and do a bunch of advanced functions

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3 years ago

Integromat allows one to connect apps and APIs together and is an integral component of any no-code stack. One can also fetch data from an external API without writing any code!

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2 years ago for static webpages. I recently built a site for my church and it was done in a day's time.

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