What are the best tools for sales reps to increase productivity and efficiency?

Looking to explore and understand the tools used by high performing sales reps:

  • how are these tools used?
  • are they stand alone or integration solutions?
  • what value do they provide in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the team?
  • what is the ROI on investing in these tools?
  • what do you love and/or hate about the tools you use?
  • what are they missing?
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2 years ago

Will just mention my sales team stack.
- Hubspot CRM (5 professional licences) for sales software
- Pandadocs to send custom contracts (you can track, send reminders, set expiry etc) (3 user licence, Business Plan)
- Soon will be using Outreach.
- Google Sheet (for reports) totally free

I feel in terms of ROI these tools are quite good, there are some features which you can minus out of their plans to keep you in budget, but their basic features are very good.

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2 years ago

A few other Capiche discussions that include Sales tools you might want to check out include:

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2 years ago

Hi! Max from Outreach here. Happy to answer any questions directly. Sales Hacker has some great articles on building out the tech stack.

I personally recommend building a tight process first without a ton of tech, then taking a look at where you can augment and automate. Then plug in as you see areas of inefficiency.

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@prateekagaur (replying to @HackItMax )
2 years ago

Hi! There are simple plugins like Streak that sit on top of your team's gmail account. With a small team, they were easy to organize and use. As the team grew they became quite clunky.
With bigger teams, I'd recommend using pipedrive or something. Plug and play setup. Easy importing of leads and great features for both mobile and web, keeping your sales team (+ crm team) aligned. Love the ROI from the beginning and so far don't hate anything about it.

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@ashleynader (replying to @prateekagaur )
2 years ago

Thank you both for the insights.

What tools are you using to automate some of those repetitive and time consuming tasks like importing leads, updating CRM and outbound dialing?

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@APV (replying to @ashleynader )
2 years ago

To make the process of updating your CRM easier, I recently launched Rattle (I am the co-founder). My product lets you update your Salesforce instance via Slack.

Feel free to check it out at and let me know what you think.

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2 years ago

I'm going to see if any of my friends at Outreach or Seismic want to speak to this. They are the two front runners right now in the new category "sales engagement" platform (not to be confused with Marketing Automation or Conversational MarTech.)

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2 years ago

What do folks think about b2b SaaS agent productivity improvement solutions like Gong,, or ASAPP?
What is the interaction between Seismic or Outreach and the above tools?

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@maguay (replying to @Saas )
2 years ago

Several people on Capiche had mentioned using Gong. @MelanieCrissey loved it, and said "Gong totally rocked my world in 2019" and that it was a "Total gamechanger." @ericjmurphy also mentioned liking Gong but didn't like that it required annual billing, and ended up going with, saying "It’s not a direct like-for-like comparison with Gong, but it certainly drives the sales reps behaviour in the right direction."

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@ashleynader (replying to @Saas )
2 years ago

I find the most impactful processes to use a healthy mix of different tools who are focused on doing one thing very well, versus a lot of things mediocrely.

My sales team tech stack is a mix of Salesforce (CRM), PhoneBurner (power dialer + email), SMS magic (SMS follow up) and Drift (marketing/leads).

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