What are the best tools to build a sales funnel from scratch?

Our company is looking to build a sales funnel to drive outbound sales.

Today, we use Salesforce for our CRM, but we are looking to set up tools that can help us generate leads, creates a campaign (marketing automation), nature the leads, qualify the leads, and schedule meetings.

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almost 3 years ago

Hello Seth,

Hope you are doing well.

  1. I've heard people use Zoominfo to generate leads lists.
  2. These lead lists are plugged into to allow SDRs to send their outbound sequences and setup meetings.
  3. Calendly is an obvious choice to setup meetings.
  4. Primer ( is also something I've heard good things about. If you have a lead list, you can enrich it and also use it to target customers on facebook, linked and adwords. This is particularly helpful when you want to do ABM, where Facebook and LinkedIn ads increase awareness about your company and when you send an email after they interact with your ads, there is a higher chance for them to open your emails.
  5. Drift automation also works well. An example is where you send an outbound email with a link to a webpage, you can trigger a Drift Video or Bot that's personalised so that you can quickly have a conversation/schedule a meeting with the outbound prospect.

Hope this was helpful!

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almost 3 years ago

Zoominfo which just went public supposedly has a large data back drop of client data that could help with lead generation. Data is actually its core competency, especially in B2B. Although never tried it out myself, I hear only good things about it and worth checking out.

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@maguay (replying to @wchamwud )
almost 3 years ago

There are a handful of people using Zoominfo in the Capiche community too—with some Zoominfo pricing stories, and at least one person listing Zoominfo's interface and filtering tools as a good reason to use it.

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