What are the best tools to create simple but nicely recorded demos of my SaaS product?

How do companies create the demo videos of their products that allow them to showcase the product? One thing I've wondered is how the videos that zoom into certain parts of the screen when they are interacting with a certain section (for example: filling a form field) and then zoom out for the rest of the interaction are made? I'm hoping there is a tool that can be used to do this.

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a year ago
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a year ago

Bias is good as a creator :)

Jokes apart. I'm curious if it is just screen recording or also special effects like zoom ins when a button is clicked, etc can be automatically captured?

(Psst: I do love Descript)

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a year ago

+1 for Descript -- lots of happy customers across Vendr's customer base

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a year ago

I love Descript too :) But we use Camtasia here for our demo is a nice all-in-one solution that does all of the extras, effects, etc.

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a year ago

I've used Awesome Screenshot. It's a screen recording tool that works really well in the browser. It can record your whole desktop too. The cool thing is that it has a simple editing flow and you can use a higher resolution in your browser than your desktop (like recording 1080p browser content when you have a 720 screen).

Loom is a good alternative too.

As for special effects... I haven't seen any in Loom or Awesome Screenshot. I'd love see a good recommendation too.

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