What are the greatest points of friction / pain points when purchasing new software?

Purchasing software can be a headache.
Is it the biggest point of friction when purchasing software the back-and-forth negotiation, signing the contract, paying for the software, integrating the software, or maybe something else?

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2 months ago

Whenever I don't see a pricing page and need to get on a demo before I can find out costs I automatically assume its going to be expensive and move on.

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2 months ago

Deciding which plan has the features I need.

Mailchimp, for example, lists A/B testing as a feature of their base paid plan, but if you want to test more than one thing at a time you have to upgrade to multivariate testing in their mid-tier plan. Similarly, if you want to send email in batches instead of all at once, you'll need the mid-tier plan, and would need to look through the fine print of each plan to figure that out.'s 2 plans and ConvertKit's single plan make it far easier to decide what to buy.

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How do you automate follow-up emails?

I've got a funny use-case for a client I'm volunteering on. They're dealing with some legacy folks who work in Excel. Every week they send out an email to a series of people with an Excel sheet at...

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