What are your favorite BIPOC-led SaaS companies?

We often hear from customers looking to diversify their SaaS stacks at Vendr. What should be an easy task unfortunately isn't, as we found that today, only about 2.5% of VC investments go to Black and Latinx founders.

That's why we put a list together using Crunchbase's Diversity Spotlight featuring 10 of the top companies with BIPOC leaders, and we're looking to celebrate more! Who are your favorites?

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Calendly, Drift, Outreach, MURAL, Forethought, Gro Intelligence, Pipefy, Bambee, Gig Wage, DataGrail

Any others you'd add to this list?

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Squire,groove time,blavity, flutter wave, mono, pay stack, jumia

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How do you find new software to use?

The market is bursting with new software, a lot of new products are launching every day. A few months ago I posted on Capiche about my SaaS idea. Your feedback is priceless and helped us to change...

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