What are your favorite cloud services?

just asking... I use Vultr but it does not support GPU. Answers do not have to be limited into GPU servers thought.. platforms like DigitalOcean and Vultr can be accepted

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We've used Heroku extensively in our team to tun apps—albeit that wouldn't fit your needs as it doesn't have direct GPU support. I've also used DigitalOcean for years to host my blog—again, without GPU support, though I do know DigitalOcean offers it. FWIW their VPS has been extremely reliable for me, and cost-efficient compared to the competition.

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How do you find new software to use?

The market is bursting with new software, a lot of new products are launching every day. A few months ago I posted on Capiche about my SaaS idea. Your feedback is priceless and helped us to change...

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