What are your favorite document apps to scan, sign, and fax documents, and edit PDFs?

The best documents start and stay digital—they're easy to edit, simple to share, and nowadays are almost always automatically backed up to some cloud service. You can even print them if you need.

But then there are all the documents that start their life on paper—or that live as fake paper on PDFs. What are the best tools to manage your paper stuff? How do you scan documents, edit PDFs, and fax the occasional document when you need to? Have you taken all of your paper stuff paperless yet?

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I scan everything. My goals is to not have any paper. I have been a longtime user of Paperport, ever since it first appeared in the mid-90s alongside a compact sheet-fed scanner for classic Apple Macs. Although it has changed owners multiple times since then (Visioneer, Nuance, and now Kofax), it is still the best program out there for Windows users wanting to scan and file paper documents. Paperport’s scanner interface is the best I’ve seen as far as ease of use and ease of assembling and editing scanned documents. During a period where it looked like Paperport was being abandoned by its previous owner, I tried just about everything else out there, but found nothing as fast and easy and versatile as Paperport.

My scanning needs may be unique. I’m not a legal or health care business scanning client documents. I’m just a single user scanning for personal use. As such, I don’t need advanced, enterprise-level OCR and retrieval.

I should also mention that with any scanning software, it is only as good as your scanner. Trying to use an inexpensive multi-function printer as your scanner doesn’t scale well at all. I use a dedicated Epson document scanner, as well as an Epson large-format flatbed scanner for material that can’t go through a document feeder.

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@maguay (replying to @trbuckley )

Interesting, you're making me think the reason consistent scanning never stuck for me was that I've only ever used the default, bundled scanning software that comes with multi-function printers.

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Paper -> PDF = ScannerPro for iOS
With the cameras on newer iPhones, this App is really crushing every scan to paper task you might have. I love the feature of being able to autosync with my prefered Cloud Storage providers (I use OneDrive ATM).

PDF Editing
I've tried several tools, but actually the good old "Annotate" that comes along with the MacOS PDF Preview does the job nicely

PDF Signatures
I mainly use (it's so simple) but have to admit I/we (my business) are probably being lured in for DocuSign cause of the Enterprise functionality

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@maguay (replying to @stefanrosenlund )

Yup love scanning documents on my phone—even the built-in scanner tool in the iPhone Notes app is pretty great (albeit doesn't have OCR).

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@jellicles (replying to @stefanrosenlund )

Yes! I use ScannerPro on my iPhone, airdrop it to myself and open it in Preview to sign.

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The CamScanner app for Android is A++. Super easy to scan everything in batches, very forgiving about angles (its auto-crop is perfect 99% of the time). Use this for docs to sync with DropBox. Still use Evernote for some other scans that I just want to stash somewhere and don't need tied to a file.

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I scan everything. Everything that still comes in a paper form. I use ScanSnap scanner synching all the scans to Google Drive folder. From there the docs are moved to various channels or folders for archival. Some docs can be "digested" automatically, others require my attention. The fact that GDrive by can search PDFs makes it very easy to find anything even if it was not properly sorted (you just have to remeber you have it ;-).
Scan Snap is I think the best pro-sumer hardware available. Software part is not as great, fragile and needs re-connect/re-configure from time to time. But when it works - its awesome.

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@maguay (replying to @Vitalhead )

That sounds like a great system, especially since Google's OCR is pretty great for search!

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