What are your favorite Shopify apps?

Just curious :)

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almost 3 years ago
Fraud Filter, Justuno, Post Purchase, TaxJar, Shop Workflow Automation by Hextom

Fraud Filter -- a must for most Shopify stores; they have algorithms that will flag suspicious transactions (based on CC info, IP address, history, etc.). When we've had transactions flagged by Fraud Filter, it's accurate 90% of the time. Unfortunately they don't put an order on hold (for fulfillment) automatically even if the transaction is flagged as high-risk, so we have assigned someone from CX to look into all potential fraudulent transactions each morning and put orders on hold as necessary.

Justuno -- pop-ups, exit intent, welcome offers, etc. Two main guys in this space are Justuno and Privy. Both have pretty much the same functionalities, but we know the Justuno guys IRL so we went with them. Platform used to be SUPER buggy, but they've (very) slowly improved it over the last few years.

TaxJar -- helps you calculate correct sales tax to remit wherever you have a nexus! Can get pricey but for the most part, does its job in the background.

Shop Workflow -- great for creating "if this then that" rules. We haven't fully exploited full capabilities yet; our only use case so far is to automate an email send to one of our secondary fulfillment centers whenever we receive an order for a particular product (that's not stored in our primary fulfillment centers).

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