What are your favorite ways to use Inspect Element?

Do you open Inspect in Chrome or Inspect Element on Safari often—and if so, what are your favorite reasons to use it? Do you check how others pulled off a design, or use it to get around broken things in webpages?

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Inspect Element > Right click > Delete Node

Then I can print to pdf or screen capture the page without the junk I deleted.

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@maguay (replying to @ezdub )

Ohh great point on printing. I had one recently like that, where an eCommerce platform had 3 labels I needed to print on one screen ... but I'd already printed two of them, so I used Inspect Element to remove the ones I'd already printed, then hit print on that final label. Saved a bit of ink, at least!

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I use Inspect Element all the time to remove bits of the UI before taking screenshots—often to hide admin-only features, or to remove sensitive data. Open Inspect Element, click the target button, then select the element on the page you want to remove and press delete on your keyboard. Or, say if I'm making a Gmail tutorial, I'll edit the HTML text on, say, email addresses and subject lines to make something generic enough for a tutorial while still showing what the app looks like in action.

That's a bit specific to my work in tech writing, but can be a handy trick to show stuff on your screen without having to blur out sensitive data.

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I often use it to find a "hidden" URL for a video I'd like to download rather than stream.

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