What are your tips for Roam Research?

I've just started using it to organize bookmarks and ongoing work and so far I love it. But I also feel like I'm only grazing 10% of its capabilities.

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3 years ago

I also need to give Roam Research a more dedicated test run; feels super promising as a a better way to remember things.

The tiniest tip I have so far is to type / for an inline menu to insert to-dos, link to pages, add images, list the current time and date, embed media, add a table, and more. It's all stuff you could do in text directly (e.g. add [] before text to make a task with a checkbox) but it's a handy shortcut.

Similarly, you can see all the keyboard shortcuts by pressing CMD+/ to open the shortcut menu in the bottom right corner. Both are helpful to learn new shortcuts and discover features.

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3 years ago

I use it for content creation. I link ideas from my kindle highlights and links.
I don't add any other external content more than quotes.
I've seen other Roam get overflown with copy pasted content i believe diminishing the returns.
I try to think of it as a second brain where i can dump ideas to avoid forgetting them.
My tip would be to use flotato to make it a desktop app, that way you upgrade its importance and allows you for more casual usage. Plus flotato is really really slim.

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@maguay (replying to @grillermo )
3 years ago

Great idea on turning it into a fake desktop app. I think I'd end up using Roam a lot more once they get a mobile app!

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a year ago

I've been using Roam Research. One tip I can give is the way to import important sentences from web articles into Roam.

When I read articles, I see sentences I resonated with or I think are important. To organize what I've learned, I wrote down on Roam. But I think it'd be nice if I can import important sentences into Roam. To do that, I use Glasp, a web highlighter. It allows me to highlight and save important sentences, and copy & paste them on Roam with one click.
Here is a tutorial.

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