What are your top AWS feature requests?

What do you wish Amazon would add to AWS services to make them better fit your needs, or which new services do you hope Amazon adds to AWS?

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a year ago
Keyboard shortcuts for AWS dashboard

via dm1 on AWS Developer Forums: "When working with the AWS dashboard, it would be much more efficient to have hotkeys. The inspiration from this request comes from hotkeys mapped in Slack such as cmd+k used to search for channels. This could be useful for bringing up the aws services search bar. "

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a year ago
SSO support for AWS Console mobile app

via AndrewMock on AWS Developer Forums: "Many enterprises prefer employees use a single Active Directory user-pass-MFA combination to access all IT systems. The official 'AWS Console' mobile app doesn't support that. People have to create an IAM user or access keys solely for said app instead of using an IAM role as possible with other AWS services they'd sign-in to. This defeats the point of deploying SSO."

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a year ago
Prompt when uploading files that are already in S3

via TOPsie on AWS Developer Forums: "It would be nice if AWS S3 gave a similar prompt to Windows Explorer, saying files already exist and do you want to overwrite or not copy, but I can't find such an option. The default seems to be overwrite regardless."

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a year ago
Add spending limit to AWS accounts to prevent overage

via Asankha on AWS Developer Forums: "I understand that AWS does not enforce a limit on billing to ensure that services are not disrupted. And hence, billing alert options are offered optionally for users to configure. However, this could be dangerous for individuals, freelancers and small businesses especially when programming errors etc could result in extremely large bills."

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