What are your top GitHub feature requests?

What new features would you like to see in GitHub to help manage your code, collaborate with your team, and plan projects around issues and feature requests?

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@adamwathan (via Twitter)
3 years ago
A discussion section to talk about a project

📢 My #1 @github request by far:

Add a "Discussions" section for people to talk about a project, separate from bugs and feature requests.

GitHub already has the best "talking about code" product in the world (issues), just give us another instance.

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@peralmq (via Twitter)
3 years ago
Leave a comment on whole file

.@github I have a feature request. During PRs, I would love the possibility to leave a comment on a whole file. It has come up several times and now I usually leave the comment on the first line of said file but it feels "wrong".

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3 years ago
Easily mention tags and releases in comments

via tdreid on GitHub Community Forum: "Can we have a simple way to refer to tags/releases in comments? We can refer to sha's, pr's and issues easily enough but the other day I wanted to write Available as of 0.5.0 and while it wasn't arduous to link the remark to the release in question using markdown it was more trouble than I expected."

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3 years ago
Add polls to issues and features

via Udayraj123 on GitHub Community Forum: "Being able to take a poll on a feature, issue or any other requests is a demanding feature nowadays. Right now there exists a low-key workaround which has many limitations due to 3rd party security policies."

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3 years ago
Keep organization membership private

via megakid on GitHub Community Forum: "We want people to be able to use their private github accounts but have concerns over individuals being linked to the organisation publically. When they're added to the org via SSO, it defaults to private (good) but I want to forbid individuals from making their membership publicly visible via my org security settings"

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