What are your top SendGrid feature requests?

What do you hope Twilio adds to SendGrid to assist your email sending experience?

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@IMAC2 (via Twitter)
3 years ago
Double opt in via API

Wow! I'm quite shocked with @SendGrid!
They do not provide a way to use double opt-in when using their API ! 😱😱😱

Such a basic feature for a good marketing list! 🤦‍♀️

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@kendallmiller (via Twitter)
3 years ago
See email volume by destination

The one feature I really want from @SendGrid is to see volume by destination domain. We have customers set up overly broad notification rules some times and our volume goes crazy - hunting down what customer it is should be trivial, but presently involves a data dump & Excel.

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@10minutespast (via Twitter)
3 years ago
Stop automated email campaigns if a user responds

@SendGrid Do your automated multi-email campaigns stop automatically if a person responds?

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3 years ago
Restricted API keys for testing

via DaveAurionix on GitHub: "We'd like to create API keys for test environment purposes (as opposed to the production environment) that are locked down to only send to addresses in certain domains."

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