What are your top Zoom feature requests?

How do you hope Zoom improves to make your video calls and webinars better?

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@JeffHandley (via Twitter)
3 years ago
Custom message to show attendees before a meeting starts

Hey @zoom_us - I have a feature request: "Be Back Soon"

As a meeting organizer, I need to start a meeting and post a message that attendees will see after they join, so that I can be a couple minutes late, but they'll know I'm on my way.

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@awwstn (replying to @JeffHandley )
3 years ago

Wow, I'd love this feature. Would be super helpful.

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@layuso (via Twitter)
3 years ago
Webinar report emailed to me after webinar ends

Would love to have webinar reports (all of them) emailed to me after the webinar ends. Also would like to combine reports for a reoccurring webinar for all webinars that have occurred so far.

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@betterleftcorn (via Twitter)
3 years ago
Meeting templates

Yo @zoom_us is there a copy or template feature for meetings as opposed to reoccurring? I’m a recruiter and it would be rad if I could create meeting templates to copy for each manager as opposed to having to create one for each candidate I’m scheduling them with. Thx fam❤️

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@awwstn (replying to @betterleftcorn )
3 years ago

Interesting use case!

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3 years ago
Automated sound and video check

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