What discounts does AWS get you?

Our company has fast growing spend on AWS and are almost done with our AWS Activate credits. We've heard that they have an Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). How much can you save? How do you get in on it? And, are there any other discount programs to be aware of on AWS?

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9 months ago
AWS EDP requires significant scale

I don't think the AWS documents their EDP program anywhere, but have talked to a number of people who have seen these negotiations. The smallest I've seen is $1M/year, so you definitely need significant scale to be able to do this.

Basically, you lock in a discount for a number of years, but you need to commit to spending some minimum threshold each year (say, $1M). If you don't use $1M worth of their service, you still pay that amount...but if you go over, you keep your discount for every dollar spent.

So, if you're spending a lot and you know you'll continue to, then AWS sales reps will definitely offer this type of thing.

Here's an example AWS EDP deal I found in some SEC docs:

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